Since 2004 Tart has been dishing out desserts for some of Dallas’ premiere restaurants, hotels and establishments.  We offer a long list of tarts, cakes, mini pastries and much more to choose from.  Or we can work with you to customize your own line of desserts. Dessert is often the last thing your patrons will eat at your restaurant.  Leaving them with a lasting and positive experience is critical in keeping those customers coming back.  That’s why our wholesale customers are looking for high end desserts with only the best ingredients.

With our scratch-made pastries and cakes, Tart can complement the uniqueness of any businesses’ menu. We know that for many businesses these days, there is often no budget or space for a pastry chef. Offering deliveries six (6) days a week and responding to our patron’s needs on a daily basis, we work to fill that void and become an extension of your own team. Whether you order 8 dozen or 80 dozen, we work to maintain consistency and quality in all of our desserts.


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