Traditional Cookies

Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Reg $1.85 | Dozen Mini $11

Lemon Shortbread
Mini $1.95 | Reg $2.50

Mexican Wedding Cookies
Dozen $12

Tea Cookies
Dozen $11


Fudge Brownie Pie 10″
Each $35

Fudge Brownie Wedge
Each $3.15

Brownie Bars 2″ x 2″
Each $2.15

Brownie Bites
Dozen $18
(minimum order one dozen)


Pecan Bar
Lemon Bar
Chocolate Chip Bar
Blondie Bar
Cranberry Oatmeal Bar

2″ x 2″ $2.15 & up | Dozen Mini Bars 1.5″ $18

Hand-Decorated Shortbreads

One of Tart’s signature items, our iced shortbreads are almost too perfect to eat. Cut-out cookies decorated for parties, weddings or even as an edible business card, provide the perfect personalized treat for your guests and leave a long-lasting impression. And in addition to all the beautiful designs, they actually taste good too.

Small Each $1.75*
Medium Each $2.75*
Large Each $3.25*

Bag & Bow starting at $.75 per bag

Pricing will vary based upon size, design and detail.


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